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  • Sinless Sweet Delights

    In Health Tips On 24 November 2015

    In India, winter rings in various festivals like Navratri, Durga Pooja and Diwali. One is constantly surrounded by scrumptious culinary delicacies and sweets specially prepared to celebrate these occasions, at home, friend\'s and relative\'s homes and the market. So how should one avoid piling up the pounds and maintain a healthy diet, when there are fattening, high-calorie foods all around? Here are some ways to do so: l ) It is undoubtedly not easy to avoid sweets during times. Remember the sweets that you indulge in will only give you momentary pleasure and you\'ll be filled with a lot of guilt later. 4) Its not only important that you avoid only sweets, you should also avoid fried chips, chivdas, papads and pickles too. Instead opt for steamed dhoklas, nachni chips, khakras etc. 2) Drinks lots of water and herbal teas instead. These will also help you feel lighter. Also during winter we tend to feel less thirsty and do not drink much water. 3) Make it a point to exercise everyday, especially during this season. This will certainly help to burn those calories that you\'ve been storing in your body. Take the stairs instead of elevator at work. 5) Start chewing gum or suck on sugar-free gummy bears when you get a sweet tooth craving 6) Increase your vegetable intake. Chewing on broccoli, sweet peas, and carrots will help to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings because they contain natural sugars. The other great thing about them is that they contain fiber, which causes the body to feel full, preventing excess snacking 7) Look for sugar-free substitutes. Many stores are carrying sugar-free foods now and you can still satisfy your sweet tooth without doing damage to your teeth and the rest of your body.But make sure they fall low in fat 8) . Instead of consuming ice cream, try eating a cup of yogurt or a low-calories dessert instead Rasgulla (rosogolla) and Sandesh are both paneer based (Indian cottage cheese) and in most cases are lightly sweetened. So, their calorie content is relatively lower. They are not fried, so their fat content is lower. Since they are paneer based, they have good protein content as well as calcium. Protein keeps you full for longer and helps you burn more calories. It also helps to build and repair your muscles! To make Rasgulla healthier, squeeze out the syrup- its just sugar loaded syrup. Besides these healthy Bengali sweets, Kheer (or Payasam) can be made healthy too-Use low fat milk, lightly sweeten with sugar, and add slivered almonds to add some health and taste oomph to it. Similarly Shrikhand can be made healthy. ?%u20AC? Have a variety of healthy sweet treats around the house and only one type of sweet that you could crave but wouldn\'t want to eat too much of. That will improve your odds of satisfying your craving with a food that you won\'t be sorry you ate. Portion control is key in eating sweets, so give yourself an edge. ?%u20AC? Check out the fat content of all the sweets you eat -- cookies, pastries, and other baked goods are usually dripping with fats. Find out how much fat is in a sweet, and if it contains more than 33 percent fat, choose again. ?%u20AC? Avoid low-fat versions of sweets if you can. The fat is usually replaced with sugar, and sugar can make you fat too

  • What You Eat can help you Beat PCOD

    In Expert Diet Tips On 30 October 2017

    A rising number of teenage girls in the country are getting affected with Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD. Though an advanced menarche has become very rampant these days, there are many young women who are suffering from a delay in menarche which in turn is leading to PCOD as opined by gynaecologists. Obesity and sedentary lifestyle among young people have caused a rapid doubling of PCOD cases in the past five to eight years.   Occurrence and Symptoms: Gynaecologists report that they get at least 15 fresh instances of PCOD cases, and a considerable number of teenagers aged 16-17 are not getting their menarche. Such patients are recommended to take a strictly balanced diet which will help them to lose weight. Initially, their mothers think that they would experience their menarche in proper time, but some girls are diagnosed with PCOD when taken to a family gynaecologist. Even worse, they could never imagine that their obesity can pave the way for such a grave health issue. PCOD can cause numerous other problems like delayed and irregular menses, rapid weight gain and tremendous difficulty in losing weight, developing acne and blocked skin pores. Furthermore, it leads to thinning of hair and excessive growth of hair on chest, back and face. Infertility, continual miscarriage, high blood pressure and high blood sugar are also common with PCOD.   It Is Possible to Manage a  healthy Lifestyle with PCOD While we may keep on cribbing about how we are suffering from PCOD, have we ever given it a thought as to how can we manage to change our lifestyle in order to deal with PCOD and even to some extent thrive in life even with PCOS. Food is the answer to all our problems. After all, we are what we eat and we should treat food as our first and natural medicine. Having the right food can heal even the most challenging of diseases.   Help yourself with the right diet: There is no proven evidence regarding the cause of PCOD though gynaecologists are of the opinion that some females possess a predisposition to this disease, and it may run hereditarily in the family. You can alleviate your PCOD symptoms to a considerable extent by regulating your diet properly. Have loads of fruits and green leafy vegetables and try to abstain from dairy products as many experts believe that dairy products are a direct cause of an increase in insulin levels, which can aggravate skin troubles along with other PCOD symptoms. Avoiding red meat and eating lean meat instead will help the condition and reduce the chances of infertility. It is always recommended to avoid hydrogenated and saturated fats, which are normally found in animal and dairy-based food. Try to put a stop to cheese, cottage cheese, clarified butter, pork, lamb, beef, etc. and certain baked products like cookies, cakes and fudges as they will trigger a rise in your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The following dietary tips can be helpful with the condition: High levels of the insulin hormone causes PCOS symptoms like high blood sugar, increased hair growth, weight gain etc. So, refined foods rich in fat and carbohydrates should be consumed in small amounts. Whole foods in their natural, uncooked form should be consumed fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans etc. These are low glycemic foods that reduce the glucose circulation by insulin. Green vegetables have antioxidants. These are good for women with PCOS because they have a high amount of oxidative stress. Your daily diet should contain at least 30 grams of fiber to improve the digestion process and remove toxins. Soy products should also be avoided, especially if you are trying to conceive, because they interfere with the ovulation cycle. Processed fat is harmful but essential fatty acids found in avocado, fish, olive oil and nuts are important for the body. High levels of male hormones also cause high cholesterol. So foods which have high saturated fats like butter, cream, coconut oil and fatty meat should not be included in the regular diet of women with PCOS. Protein-rich foods like lean meat, fish, legumes, whole grains are beneficial as protein can stabilize blood sugar. These foods also keep you feeling full and prevent over-eating. Drink, drink and drink water. I cannot stress enough how important it is to drink minimum 3 -4 liters of water every day. PCOD is such a condition which you can never afford to overlook. If you had been facing any of the common symptoms, then it is probably time to pay a visit to a responsive gynaecologist. Benefit of exercise in PCOS A group of researchers looked at a number of studies and literature regarding exercise and PCOS. They considered 8 studies and found that “most consistent improvements included improved ovulation, reduced IR (9–30%) and weight loss (4.5–10%). Improvements were not dependant on the type of exercise, frequency or length of exercise sessions." So basically we’re saying that even if you don’t lose weight when exercising, you are still working on improving your: insulin sensitivity frequency of ovulation cholesterol body composition Remember Polycystic Ovarian Disease is a condition which can be improved by Lifestyle changes and can be reversed completely  or to a large extent if lifestyle modifications are made on time. You can contact me today if you want help with your PCOD problems and start to live your life to the fullest with hormone balanced diet.  

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