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Weight Loss Diet for Indian Men & Women

Weight Loss Diet for Indian Men & Women

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This diet service is targeted for Indian Men & Women who are interested in losing weight through healthy diet changes.

Our various packages are all natural extract of your kitchen ingredients in the form of scrumptious diet menu, which help your body to burn fat quickly and You can shed those unwanted kilos and enjoy being back in shape , our package will help you to manage your weight off by adding the simple food options in your daily food intake.

If you are wondering on how to lose weight , then this is for you. This package makes you lose weight easily and comfortably without any starvation and no monotonous diets. You will feel energetic and light as you progress with your program. You can also enjoy foods of your choice, in consultation with us. You can easily lose atleast 3-4 kg in one month's program.


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you’re diet plan is very effective!! i have lost weight after such a long time which i wasn’t able to before . with the variety you give in the diet plan no one can ever get bored of the food plus they will get more active . thank you so much Ayesha.I Love you


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On: 10 Oct 2019

What to say about ayesha she is a bless for me.. I was very much depressed with my weight gain after my 2 "C sections", and family planning along with that irregular periods due to pcos , I consulted Ayesha she helped me a lot in reducing weight in just 2 months I could reduce 9 kilos (actually my package for 3 months but I wasted 1 month couldn't follow her due to my issues like falling sick ,had been out of town twice) that is y I consider only 2 months.. I strongly and highly recommend this pretty lady to any one who all looking for a best dietician to reduce their weight thank you Ayesha thank you so much .

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On: 07 Aug 2019


This is swati...since chilhoodwas on heavier side due to genetic effect i can say....but before and after marriage i tried to be healthy and lost few kilosas well.... but after baby as usual put on more weight and then also tried and lost lil bitweight but suddenly i was stuckfor more than one year..which was bothering me a lot..had gone through many websites dieticians and all finally got my dietician ...Dr.Ayesha Rehman.....from there i started my weight loss journey have lost 16 kgs and lots of inches ..which is actually commendable.... in 6 months.All thanks to my dietician she just gave me the right diet according to mybody type...and it works magically without starvation.Best part is i have never gone through any health issues during my journey...without any crash dit and starvation completed my journey and reached my Goal of 60 kgs...all thanks to Dr.Ayesha.Now this is not my diet it has become a healthy lifestyle for my Family....

Very proudly i can say she is genuine ,trust worthy......happy me in my new look :) :):)

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On: 24 Jul 2018

Dr. Ayesha Rehman is a gem who outshines others. She is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but humane and compassionate also. She has immense patience. I couldn't lose weight and had lost patience. Dr. Ayesha patiently heard me, solved all my queries relating to health and motivated me in losing inches as well as kilos.
Although miles away, she is approachable.
She is one of the best and strongly recommend her to all my acquaintances.
I wish her all the best in all her endeavours.
Dr. Sussmita Daxini

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On: 12 Apr 2016








Vidhi Gidwani



It has been excellent experience wid ma dietician Mrs .Ayesha Rehmaan. It has overwhelming about how many calories I had burnt wat to eat n wat to delete d whole knowledge I had gained ...really. Very knowledge full excellent dietician.Thank u Ms ayesha

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On: 10 Aug 2015

I struggled with weight loss for a long time. I met many dietitians and when I met Ayesha during my course of treatment, that was the best decision of my life.

Her advices and guidance helped me change my lifestyle for good. She is extremely co operative and knows her subject well. Unlike many other dietitians whom I consulted , Ayesha has a different approach . I believe her patience,encouragement and attitude made me realise my goals. She is very realistic. I have referred many people to Ayesha and all of them have achieved wonderful results.

The best part is that you lose inches plus weight, feel fit and your blood reports improve really well.No nutritional deficiencies at all. No paleness or fatigue. 

Ayesha is amazing at her work and I believe the right person who should be consulted in case you struggling with weight gain or metabolic diseases. I highly recommend Ayesha. 

And her services are really affordable and give you more than you pay for her consultation.

A big THANK YOU to u Ayesha

All the best to Ayesha


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On: 08 Aug 2015
Ayesha Rehman
Dt. Ayesha Rehman
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